Starting Point

January 25, 2011

There are two propositions which have been hammering on the inside of my skull for some time now.

  • That every investigation into a given set of beings presupposes an ontology. This is nothing new. Indeed, it is well known that Heidegger reminds us of the importance of this fundamental difference, and not only does it inform his entire philosophical project, but it re-aligns the pursuit of philosophy in the twentieth century. Moreover, when we engage in philosophy in the twenty first century we remain committed to this alignment.
  • That the criterion for the adequacy of such an ontology is that it at least contain sufficient apparatus to make ontological sense of the actual world, by which I mean the world as it appears to us phenomenologically, and as it is represented to us scientifically. It must then be able to include mathematics, music, art, love, rocks, grass, quarks, politics etc. In other words, all varieties of both organic and inorganic activity.

These two assumptions will be the starting point of my current research trajectory.


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